Team Development - Employee Engagement 

Implementing Improved Team Dynamics 

Learn how to improve your team's productivity and interpersonal communications, as well as their ability to engage customers and coworkers in a more productive way. Designed around your company's and personal objectives, SalesSpire works to improve

  • sales methods, increase forecast accuracy, and mitigate risk
  • project turnaround rates, efficiency and accelerateperformance
  • customer satisfaction, retention and relationships
  • custom organizational success driven metrics 


Designed for individual contributors or leadership teams, SalesSpire works to reveal blind-spots in personal practices and habits. Participants will learn:

  • How they naturally react when they are over-extended
  • Methods of effective leadership and improved interpersonal communication
  • Personality attributes and human resource development in how to best utilize their strengths   

Based on custom organizational success metrics, we will produce an assessment and team evaluation that identifies team members' natural strengths and recommendations for optimal productivity. We will develop a risk mitigation plan reducing voluntary turnover and develop  employee engagement activities that will transform your team dynamics to one the produces exceptional results.

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His relentless focus on Customer Satisfaction resulted in stellar, unprecedented sales achievements for his Customers. He is one to challenge the status quo with innovative, game changer ideas. This combined with a leadership style that motivated an organization to operationalize and subsequently capitalize on those ideas, resulted in substantial monetization and realized profits.

Steve B. Vice President, Customer Success