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Increasing Productivity Results in Sales

Sales teams face a unique set of challenges and require exceptional talent for success. Striving to meet quotas and goals in a difficult market can—and often does—lead to burnout and stress, which doesn’t lead to sales. Enter SalesSpire!

We do more than just increase productivity results in sales — we help align all your organization’s abilities in an optimal way to ensure extraordinary results. While most organizations focus on the sales cycle, we synchronize this with the buyer’s cycle to maximize results.


No one is the best at everything. By identifying each of your team member’s strengths, weaknesses and talents, we help to align abilities with responsibilities on a standard or customized sales cycle.

Talent Retention

Ask yourself: Why would my best employee stay at my organization if they were being contacted by recruiters or competitors? Let's look at the statistics:

  • The average tenure of a sales rep is 24 months.
  • Yet many studies suggest that it takes 21 months from the date of hire for a new sales rep to turn a profit for his or her company after on-boarding, training, and development costs.
  • This means only three months of the average salesperson’s tenure is profitable for the company.

Good talent is the most important investment leaders can make. Likewise, losing good talent  means losing on an investment. If your team is going to deliver extraordinary results, retaining talent is key.

SalesSpire equips sales managers with the tools they need to provide healthy and mutually beneficial relationships with their staff. Based on leadership and employee assessments, we develop customized, actionable strategies that will inspire your team to produce extraordinary results .

All from a Sales Expert

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Bill Waham founded SalesSpire after a successful career in sales spanning more than 35 years. During this time he never missed a sales target and managed a $2.5 billion sales organization at Cisco Systems with incredible results. His teams saw a rate of voluntary turnover of less than 1% and the highest customer satisfaction scores in their class. His expertise is not theoretical—it is a lived experience. Before his career in sales, Bill served in the Marine Corps and earned a BS in computer science via the GI Bill. 


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