Pre-Hire Assessment

Ensure the right fit 

Team development begins before the team is formed. 

We’ve all experienced it. A candidate had a stellar resume and gave an incredible interview, but with time, it becomes evident that the candidate just wasn’t the right fit for your team. This leads to decreased productivity and voluntary turnover, an expensive mistake that entails starting the entire hiring process over again.


To ensure your new team member will add the highest possible value to your team, SalesSpire utilizes in-depth skills, aptitude and capability assessments that provide much more insight than a simple interview. Let us help you hire the right team with:

  • Talent profiles to determine the qualities and skills that will complement and add value to your organization. 
  • Ideal candidate descriptions that accurately reflect the nature of the position and attract the right candidates to apply.
  • Candidate assessments that provide an in-depth approach to measure qualifications and culture fit. 

With SalesSpire’s customized and in-depth candidate assessments, you can add confidence to your hiring process and build a team that delivers extraordinary results.



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