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The most important asset of any organization is the people who carry out its mission. SalesSpire was founded with the conviction that great results come from people who are passionate about what they do. We focus on our ability to be a resource for human development through effective leadership. This is the power of great leadership—inspiring others to achieve great results. To bring about incredible results and mitigate voluntary turnover, some managers may need to understand the difference between a manager and a leader. By understanding their own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, managers are equipped to lead their staff to deliver exceptional results.

SalesSpire develops and equips good managers to become great leaders.

  • We take the time to truly understand your organization’s environment and goals to develop a tailor-fit solution that delivers measurable results.
  • Our methodology uses a 360° approach to understand all facets of your operations.
  • We marry intelligence and emotional quotients to develop a holistic picture of managers and contributors that always emphasizes the human element in one’s work.
SalesSpire aims to transform every organization and company who chooses to into a workplace that attracts and retains the very best to deliver exceptional results!


Meet Bill Waham

IMG_0002 copy.jpgBill Waham founded SalesSpire after a successful career in sales spanning more than 35 years. During this time he never missed a sales target and managed a $2.5 billion sales organization at Cisco Systems with incredible results. His teams saw a rate of voluntary turnover of less than 1% and the highest customer satisfaction scores in their class. His expertise is not theoretical—it is a lived experience. Before his career in sales, Bill served in the Marine Corps and earned a BS in computer science via the GI Bill.


Meet Dan Delehanty

Dan Delehanty Low Res.jpg

Dan Delehanty joined the SalesSpire team after more than 3 decades in senior leadership positions, in the building material industry. Dan has worked for some of the largest and best known names in the industry. Dan adds an extensive set of experiences and success from leading incredibly highly effective sales teams to consistently delivering double digit growth. Through Dan's leadership he has implemented unique solutions for organizations which has increased revenue while decreasing cost.




SalesSpire is committed to community involvement and support. As a veteran-owned and operated company, the values of patriotism and civic involvement are essential to SalesSpire’s mission.

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