Improving Employee Performance

Our process has been proven and is not theoretical. It starts with understanding your business and your values.

Based on leadership and team assessments, we develop a customized, actionable set of strategies to show you how to improve employee performance. This strategy will accelerate performance and inspire your team to do more than meet quotas. Our methodology is not a one-time pep talk; it is a long-term metric driven process that will transform your business to one that attracts, retains, and inspires the very best employees to deliver exceptional results.



Phase 1: Understand

Establish a baseline, understand current metrics, and environment.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We take the time to truly understand your business and how you measures success. Together we’ll establish a baseline and metrics for a before-and-after comparison measuring process improvement.



Phase 2: Equip

Leadership assessments, coaching, and planning.

By determining your unique natural strengths, we equip the leadership and team members with the tools to lead your organization beyond sales targets. Our assessments don’t merely label or stereotype. They’re based on the latest psychometric diagnostics and decades of empirical data to provide customized, actionable strategies.


implement.jpgPhase 3: Implement

Team assessments, communicating, sharing, and doing.

Inclusion and interpersonal communication are crucial to successful team dynamics. That’s why we bring your staff together to learn about their shared values and what inspires them. With this synergetic momentum, we forge the path forward to reach your goals. Increasing productivity, team dynamics and employee engagement activities.



Phase 4: Measure

On-going partnership, follow-through, and follow-up

Meaningful and lasting transformation requires ongoing review and adjustments, not a one-time pep talk. Based on baseline and success metrics established in phase 1, you’ll see accelerated performance, process improvements, increased employee retention.

To learn more about our methodology on increasing employee performance, and how SalesSpire helps organizations to achieve extraordinary results, contact us or schedule a free consultation!


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Bill has been an absolute game-changer. I have seen the office climate and employee attitudes take a complete 360 in terms of production and demeanor. Where in the past they were a challenge to work with while we coordinated events, their team is now nothing short of an absolute pleasure.

Emily C. E&Y