Deliver Inspiration. Retain Talent. Get Results.

The best leaders don't just provide incentives—they inspire.

Our Methodology: Transforming Good Managers into Great Leaders

Our processes start with understanding your business and your values. Based on leadership and team assessments, we develop a customized, actionable set of strategies that will inspire your team to do more than just meet goals and objectives. Our methodology is not a one-time pep talk; it is a process that will transform your business to one that attracts, retains, and inspires the very best to deliver exceptional results.

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Leadership Development

Many people managers misunderstand the difference between managing and leadership. True leadership is based on the premise that "it's about my team members not me" they recognize that coaching and inspiring bring out the best in everyone. Studies consistently show that the #1 reason for voluntary turnover is not culture-fit or even compensation. SalesSpire transforms good managers into great leaders by brining IQ and EQ together with the tools and techniques that will develop, retain and engage their staff to produce exceptional results.  

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Team Development

When the "latest new thing" is implemented and in short order the change doesn’t stick, your promised results are short lived or not realized at all, it must have been the product, right? Change for change sake rarely takes hold or delivers expected results. At SalesSpire we focus on a holistic foundational transformation. Using your core values as a guild we develop metrics that provide a roadmap producing quantifiable data, allowing you to see what is working and what isn’t. When there are measurable results transformation begins, team dynamics improves, leadership effectiveness increases and voluntary turnover decreases.

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One-on-one Coaching

The key to effective transformation is, continual improvement. This is why SalesSpire offers extended coaching opportunities that provide regular access to professional mentorship and training for lasting, meaningful development. Our coaching practices evaluate your unique strengths to find and develop your own style of leadership, allowing you to naturally and effectively lead others.

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Pre-Hire Assessment

Bringing together the right team is one of the most important factors to your organization’s success. Interviewing, identifying, and screening applicants isn’t always enough to find the right fit for your team, and hiring the wrong candidate is a drawn-out, expensive problem to solve. Mitigate the guesswork and add confidence to your hiring process with SalesSpire’s assessments which identify candidates’ skills, aptitude and capabilities to ensure you hire the best talent for your team.

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Meta - Partner Company

Meta is a Partner Company that provides complimentary services to SalesSpire. Meta is a sales support firm, established in 1992, that works for companies with hard-to-sell offerings. Meta uses a unique approach to reach your prospects at a 2X success rate compared to other like companies. They work with you to build an actionable sales pipeline through professional prospecting freeing your sales team to close qualified leads.


Bill is an outstanding leader that puts the customer first which is how he is able to drive significant business growth for his customers. Bill is excellent at building high performance teams and making complex processes and transactions easier.

Lonnie Essex General Manager

headshot of Lonnie Essex - testimonial for Bill Waham.jpg

I have been extremely impressed with Bill's energy and drive. His grasp of our challenges and the value he brings to an organization is instantly apparent. He follows this with an aptitude for articulating these to both a technical and non-technical audience at the same time. Bill is a man of both vision and action.

Jim S. Senior Solutions Consultant

 SalesSpire produces strong leaders with solid people manager skills, and knows how to balance task, process and people for optimum results, that garners extreme loyalty from their team.

Naomi P. CEO